The Role of ICT Č The role of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) industry has certainly changed in the recent past. As recently as ten years ago ICT was seen as more of an efficiency mechanism rather than a critical service. But times have changed and technology has evolved. Today ICT has adopted a much more serious role in business and society. In many cases it is considered mission critical infrastructure and in many companies it is considered critical to the delivery of their core service or ten year plan. The recent development of digital technology and networking Sites has dramatically changed the role of ICT in business.


Broadly defined, an ICT includes computer-based information technology apparatus such as – audio-visual systems, data communication systems, electronic-tainment systems and monitoring systems.

ICT professionals deal with all ICT related issues arising from the use of ICT in business, including development and implementation of ITIL service management requirements, articulating how ITIL will shape the management of information and information technology infrastructure in an organization. เกย์โชว์ควย Based on the results of a recent survey described below, the role of ICT in business seems to be mainly to manage information technology infrastructure rather than to manage the technology itself. There is much more a focus on managing IT than on managing the technology.

Role of ICT

The role of ICT is that of a framework which enables the sharing of information between and among organizations. This means that ICT is concerned with the way data is managed and collected. An example would be the way in which research is conducted through the use of computer networks. Data are collected from various sources, used to create and modify information and are then saved for future analysis. This way information is captured, stored and retrieved.

This paper focuses on a few aspects of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) which include –

Digital literatures:it is estimated that one third of the published books in history was written using computers. Computers have emerged as a significant source of information technology. หนังน่าดู With the help of computers, we can gather, we can process information. We can also develop it. The way we process information depends on the way we collect and we use information technology.

Information technology for the mass media:ound sums of money are spent on advertising. This way information technology is used for mass media. Electronicvertisements inform people and improve their accessibility to information.

Undoubtedly, ICT has changed considerably as regards to its structure, operations and uses since its early days. ดูหนัง It has developed at a faster pace. New developments continue to emerge and affect us daily. It is however still a long way from the usage of such technology. Let us enjoy the benefits of ICT while taking precautions for the possible consequences.

The role of the internet

The internet remains forever true that it is the biggest matrix of communication. We can communicate anywhere as long as there is internet coverage in our area. The global reach of internet is far beyond the expectation of people’s expectation. In fact, there are pockets of the world where internet does not reach. อมควย Mobile phones, Explorer, plugins and many types of software allow people to have access to the internet even if they are not connected to the rest of the world. The role of java, however, is differently ends; it is used as a layer between application and the Operating System. We can perform all our instructions through java. However, we can also utilize other languages which are used in conjunction with java, such as Ruby.

IO devices

Specialized devices are used toIO Thomasohn formalism. These devices include modem, router, Ethernet and SCADA. Modem, besides being a common device, has higher functionality and therefore, has wider usage. Routing protocol is used to send and receive data to any place in the world in a rapid manner. คลิปไทยเด็ดๆ Efficient routing is easier to use. sweat connection is used by most of the micro-computers. Standard plug-in Ethernet is utilized to connect to the remote for voice and data communications in vast networks. Standard adapters are available which are faster and have fewerTechnical specifications.

Portable devices

Portable devices are used for projecting data from one location to the destination. Devices such as USB and pen drives are used to transfer information from one computer to the portable devices. Data transfer speed is one of the main focal points in the design of portable devices.

Hard Disk Drive

An HDD(hard disk drive) acts as a storage device for all your data. The bigger the better and you got to check if your laptop can take more or not. Salients disk drive will be more space than other Drives.

CPU: Processor is the chip which is the brain of any computer. We recommend Intel or AMD processors with core speed of 2 GHz or 3 GHz.

Memory: RAM is where all programs and data are stored. We recommend having 4 GB of memory installed, more if you surfing a lot.